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Comments by different Caregivers after a few sessions

"Better eye contact, he is sleeping longer, now ties his shoes, less injurious behavior, much fewer meltdowns in lunchroom, people at school have noticed his improvement. Unsolicited by me the school bus driver who sees him all the time mentioned to me that she has noticed an improvement, he loves coming to DreamWeaver House- he skips in."

"I'm so impressed-she can never sit still for this long, not even for a movie." (She sat still for 45 minutes and didn't get up until session was over). She is falling asleep around 11 PM instead of the usual 1 AM".

"He's stopped biting the edge of his sleeve. His teacher said he's more focused and he's saying the words eat and cup." (He was non-verbal). I'm so happy because he sat in the barber chair for the first time very still. The barber was amazed. He had blood taken the other day and he sat quietly, before he would have needed 3 people to keep him quiet. He was crawling on the floor the other day and when I told him to get up he did it all by himself, he's never done that before."

He said, 'bathroom' during the session and mom said, "Do you have to go to the bathroom?" He answered 'yes'.(This was important because he is still not completely toilet trained. But now, he's having fewer accidents.) . He is playing with a Leapster toy that he's had for years and couldn't play with in the past. It has a stylus and he now uses it appropriately."

"He's starting to put a few words together, like, he'll say 'I want Mommy' and then he'll take my hand and show me what he wants. I walked into his class the other day and he looked up at me and said 'Mommy', in recognition. He never says the word Mommy alone."

"His teachers are really pleased with his progress, they say he's more focused. He was totally relaxed at the dentist the other day, and he was being drilled! I always say, 'cut it out'. His teachers told me some kids were misbehaving the other day and he told them to 'cut it out'. His teachers were so excited that he put three words together."




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The center offers FREE consultations, evaluations, care and schooling rights advocacy to children and families challenged by Autism, ADD, ADHD, RAD-PTSD, SPD, SID, ODD, PDD, learning delays, and other neurological, behavioral, mental and physical disabilities.

Wellness is achieved by TRADITIONAL MEDICAL EVALUATIONS, supported by an informed nutritional protocol, and scientific and clinical applications of 21st century audio, visual and energetic technologies; all of which are having spectacular results in correcting and even causing a recovery from these disorders.




dom deluiseDom DeLuise, Actor, former Children’s Advocate and National Spokesperson for The Dreamweaver House Center and its Care Protocol,  (up to the time of his passing in 2010), has been recorded on the Dreamweaver website articulating the following statement: “The epidemic of Autism Spectrum Disorders, according to accepted mainstream belief, is regarded as incurable, but this belief is false.”

This false belief is categorically disproved by modern brain researchers and cutting edge medical textbooks such as ‘Neurobehavioral Disorders of Childhood’ and borne out by the work being done at THE DREAMWEAVER HOUSE AUTISM SPECTRUM CARE CENTER, in New York.

THE DREAMWEAVER HOUSE AUTISM SPECTRUM CARE CENTER, in New York, a one hundred percent volunteer and non salaried community service, self funded, not for profit organization, offers, free of cost, consultations, evaluations and care to children and families challenged by Autism, ADD, ADHD, RAD-PTSD, SPD, SID, ODD, PDD, etc, and other neurological, behavioral and learning disorders. It does so by utilizing a modern 21st century approach, with an energetic medicine based protocol of therapies, including nutritional and dietary interventions which are drug-free, non-invasive and are having spectacular results in correcting and even causing a recovery from these disorders. Taking into account the complexity of physical, behavioral, emotional and psychological symptoms that present themselves as Autism, ADD, ADHD, PDD, Learning and Behavioral disorders etc, it is no wonder that the understandably confused parent is initially asked to undergo a battery of expensive medical and other diagnostic tests, and to try using sequentially or even simultaneously, several approaches including medications, nutritional programs, behavior modification programs or a myriad of alternative therapies. Over time and mounting expenses the result is usually an acceptance of the condition as really being incurable. However, modern scientific brain research, clinical data and practice, continue to prove that these conditions are all correctable. This then begs the question, “where do we begin ”.The Dreamweaver House Team of Associated MD’s, Researchers and Clinicians, acknowledges the validity of treatments which speak to immune dysregulation, intestinal inflammation, metabolic abnormalities, neuro-inflammation and other pathologies exhibited within Autism Spectrum disorders. The science that substantiates these medical issues is sound and has been presented by scientists in the disciplines of gastroenterology, immunology, endocrinology, neuropathology, and toxicology and published in peer-reviewed literature.

But rather than catering to the pressing symptoms that suggest the standard protocols of the medical establishment, as a starting point (which to date has proven to be an ineffective approach  as borne out by the runaway growth of this epidemic), the Dreamweaver team has pinpointed the RETRAINING OF THE BRAIN, as the clinically proven starting point.   However, not simply the brain as it is regarded by traditional main stream medical practice, but rather, the brain’s Energetic Medical attributes as determined by modern scientists and quantum physics.

These scientists have found that every known living substance emits its own electro-magnetic frequencies.  The recognition that all matter is energy forms the foundation for understanding how human beings can be considered dynamic energetic systems. (Gerber, 1988). Albert Einstein himself provided us with the basic knowledge of quantum physics by which we can now measure these energetic frequencies.  Our understanding of the human body is shifting from a mechanical/chemical perspective to a quantum/energetic perspective. Humans are energy beings.  Some measurements of the "body electric" already regarded as acceptable and commonplace in western medical practice include: biofeedback, electro-encephalogram (EEG) electro-cardiogram (EKG), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), CAT-scan, Tens technology, and more.

Over the past six years, DreamWeaver House, in collaboration with modern American MD’s Researchers, Clinicians and Scientists in Brainwave and Energy Frequency medicine, offers The DREAMWEAVER PROTOCOL. This is a program of safe, non-invasive and Drug-free therapies, which are based upon decades of widely published research and proven clinical use, all of which has mainly been ignored by practitioners weaned on pharmaceuticals. Notable 21st century researchers consider these Energy, Brainwave and Sound frequency therapies, to be, not the complete cure, but the first line of a defensive strategy towards recovery.

These therapies are proving themselves to be an answer to the bewildering question asked when the child begins presenting the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Should the next move be a battery of expensive tests, medications, nutrients or a host of alternative treatments? These are all valid strategies, but as parents find out thousands of dollars later, and decades of epidemic growth in similar cases, they are obviously not effective, when used as the treatments of first choice.

Proven by a battery of case studies and reams of anecdotal reports and testimonials from parents, Dreamweaver House has discovered that effective correction and eventual recovery from these disorders, begins with the 21st century treatment of the brain, using entertaining children’s CDs, DVDs produced with Action Caption Technology, and Non- Transdermal body patches of pathogen eliminating Resonant Frequencies, Musically Embedded Brainwave Entrainment frequencies, Bio Modulator Subtle Electrical Therapy, modified Scalar Energy, and includes bio feedback evaluation and correction of cellular anomalies, energetic detoxification, Integrated Metronome Timing, the Spectrum Balance Nutritional Therapy, an ABA infused music instruction and therapy program and a medically supervised and managed Thyroid Balance program. Used as a total protocol, knowing from experience that “no one shoe fits all”, they collectively Retrain The Brain to physically defend itself against recently discovered brain pathogens; they improve and support underdeveloped neural pathways; they stimulate areas of the brain responsible for learning and behaviors; and they re-synchronize both hemispheres of the brain; allowing it to reboot, so to speak, and begin operating like an orchestra playing in harmony, rather than in over stimulated sensory discord. This is all transferred to the patient through ultra modern media technology. Over the four years of offering this DREAMWEAVER PROTOCOL, unprecedented correction and progress approaching recovery from these disorders, have been brought about for these children and their emotionally and financially drained families, jump-starting the child’s developmental process and paving the way, if still necessary, for effective input from other scientific, therapeutic and nutritional professionals.


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Parents Letters of Testimonials


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"my son Christian is a part of Dream Weaver House which works closely with Dr. Hunt. I'd like to tell you about the changes I have observed in my son who has classic autism, since using this protocol beginning October 2008. My son was completely non-verbal and is nine years old. In the last few months he has been able to approximate the word "help" and now the "DA" sound for Daddy. He was unable to ever do this before wearing the Children"s Mental Health patch. Also, his teachers are so amazed at how well he is doing in school. His academics are coming along much faster and easier than anyone would have thought. I"ve been told his math abilities are incredible now. He"s so much more focused and his receptive language is so much better. He"s able to understand what people are asking of him much better than before. His computer skills are great; he"s typing to communicate and is spelling many new words. He is completely independent on the computer; he needs no help from anyone.

Believe me, for the last 7 years I have been to many therapies for my son. I have spent a ton of money with no changes. Dreamweaver House and its protocol is taking us into the next century of medicine that is completely safe and without side effects and is extremely effective. It would be heart breaking for a lot of people in my situation if this were not available."

Thank You,
Mary Roche

"I am writing this letter today to share with you the many positive experiences I have been a part of for the past two years. I have an autistic son, Christopher, who has been under the care of Dreamweaver House and its protocol for almost a year now. I also have a six year old son, Nicholas, that has a serious heart condition called tricuspid atrecia, that has also gone through Dreamweaver"s protocol. Christopher is a sixteen year old non-verbal man who had little to no interest in socializing prior to Dreamweaver"s intervention. Since Chris has been on the specialized patches of the protocol, we have noticed many positive outcomes. His teachers report that he is more relaxed in school, better behaved, and more spontaneous in his speech and in his interactions with his peers. This is such a phenomenal milestone for Chris because we have been working so hard and so long to gain this skill for Chris. Chris has also attended the Dream weaver House for two years and this protocol, including the energy frequency patches, has changed Chris" life as well as the lives of those around him. Chris has become affectionate and is seeking out relationships with peers and with teachers.

Nicholas has been through four open heart surgeries in three years. This, as you would expect, has caused him to be delayed in many areas. Prior to Dreamweqaver house"s intervention Nicholas was very active, unfocused and clumsy. After several weeks on the protocol his teachers reported that he was more focused, his attention to task had increased, and he was completing his work with better accuracy. It is also important to mention that prior to Dreamweaver House"s intervention Nicholas was in a special education classroom. In kindergarten I decided to place him in a regular classroom against the recommendation of my district. As the protocol began to take effect, Nicholas was now making steady progress and successfully being transitioned into a regular education class.

I am so pleased at the progress my sons have made as a result of the Dreamweaver protocol. It is so difficult to make the right choice when deciding what treatment would work best for your child. It is also a very expensive one, and may be a financial burden to a family. If this same treatment does not have a positive effect on your child, it is devastating both emotionally and financially. The many families that have benefited from Dream weaver House and its care protocol are eternally grateful and are hopeful that their children can continue to receive these treatments.

I want to thank you for allowing me to share my experiences with the Dream weaver House It has truly changed my life."

Regina Santo

"I am speaking as mother who has been exhausted, discouraged and frightened that there was no hope for my children. I have been taking my children to Dream Weaver House Organization, where they have been receiving therapy at no cost. Dr. Hunt works with Dream Weaver to not only provide homeopathic patches to aid in recovery but stays in constant contact to oversee the children"s progress. When my kids first started out my older son could not sit still in a chair with out ripping a phone book to keep him busy; he also was very hyper and had poor eye contact. My younger son couldn"t sit on someone"s lap or in his car seat with out banging his head or throwing a tantrum. We started on Thwe Dreamweaver protocol Aug of 2008; within 1 week my older son was sitting in the therapy chair without needing anything but a cartoon to watch. My younger son stopped having tantrums and banging his head while sitting.

Now 7 months later my oldest son"s teacher and neurologist have noticed better eye contact and fewer tantrums in school. Just the other night my husband and I were hugging my youngest child and my oldest son, for the first time, ran over and tried to be part of the group hug. Although he still doesn"t know how to hug, for the first time he took notice of what was happening and wanted to be part of it. My youngest son is much calmer, has great receptive language and now is beginning to say words. As a matter of fact, for one week I ran out of the patches component of the protocol, and my 2 year old sensory behavior increased like I have never seen it before. He began running sideways and when we took him to the library, he was more interested in touching the walls than playing with the toys. His early intervention teacher asked me if he"s still on the dreamweaver protocol"s patches. His teacher said he noticed a difference in my son with out them. Once I got them, I put them on at night and the following day I noticed the behavior diminished; it took a week for my son to get back to the way he was.

I write this letter because I have heard some people say that because they have never heard of the Dreamweaver Protocol and its researcher Dr Hunt, then it"s a fraud. A fraud to me is someone who charges major amounts of money and promises quick results. Dreamweaver House doesn"t charge the parents any money, and Dr. Hunt doesn"t charge Dreamweaver, or any of the parents money to evaluate and monitor the children. I know many that spend hundreds of dollars on vitamins for a month supply. The other point, is that there is no promise of a cure or even quick results from Dreamweaver House. They in fact inform all parents that recovery, although different for every person, is generally a slow, steady process.

I know this is upsetting for many in the pharmacy industry because if children with spectrum disorders get better without drugs than pharmacy companies lose a lot of money. What matters is that no medical doctor could help my kids and now they are getting better because of the Dreamweaver protocol. I wanted you to hear from someone who has utilized this research and is continuing to see results. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter."

Shari Kosta



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