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A Library of informative writings and articles drawn from a variety of sources including the work of
Dr. Robert Melillo,
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson,
Dr. Stephen Krashen,
US Department of Education, CDC,
Dr. 'Z', et al.

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Brainwave Entrainment Frequencies


By precisely altering the sound signals in the right and left ears, a “frequency modulated pulse” appears which causes a sympathetic response in the brain.  This leads to coordination of right/left brainwave activity and a general slowing of brainwave activity, which is associated with deep relaxation, stress reduction, creativity, insight and problem solving. This phenomenon is called “brainwave entrainment”.

Brainwave Entrainment is part a larger biological function called “Biological Sympathetic Oscillation”.  Our biological “clock” sets itself to external cosmic events; day length cycles, full moon cycles and seasonal cycles to name a few.  The body will set itself to the most powerful external pulse it is exposed to.  In this case we can create powerful sound frequencies pulsing at exact brainwave speeds and cause the brainwaves to alter themselves to match frequencies- that is entrain themselves, to the sound pulses, thereby altering one’s state of consciousness. They know from many research endeavors that certain deeply relaxed states of consciousness are associated with specific brainwave patterns on an EEG brain monitor.  We also know that with brainwave entrainment we can cause brainwaves to sympathetically “lock on” to an external sound-pulse at a brainwave speed.  This gives us the tools to gently guide brainwave function and states of consciousness into deeply relaxed and balanced states.  These frequencies are specifically built into the BrainRetrain programs soundtracks and are a part of what we call BrainWave Audio technology.  Programmed by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, founder and director of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research, these soundtracks are adjusted to effect an improvement towards less hyperactivity, and more focus and attention in children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders, including ADD/ADHD.

Brainwave Entrainment is delivered within a revolutionary learning system which uses entertaining family movies and recordings on DVDs and CDs which are combined with patented and trademarked media technologies called ACTION CAPTION Technology, Integrated Metronome Timing technology and Brainwave Entrainment technology, all of which is based on current scientific research in multi-sensory learning. These researchers and clinicians include Dr. Oliver Sacks, Dr. Frederick Schiffer, Dr. Robert Melillo, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson and a host of others including Bergman, Ruffman, Leisman, Beck, Lubar, Campbell, et al. This research finds that all of these conditions are interrelated and that they are caused by the lack of hemispheric balance in the way the brain processes information. Most importantly the research proves that they are all correctable simply by retraining the brain. This program succeeds and shows fast improvement without the use of medication and can be used by itself or along with any current therapy or method in use.  Click for additional info

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