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Digital Homeopathy Frequencies

Dr. Richard Hunt developed a system (Aura patch therapy) whereby specific frequencies could be impregnated into a skin patch.  You wear the patch, and the frequencies enter your body water, from there to be conducted along your "energetic" nervous system (accupoints, meridians, chakra, and nadi), and from there to signal the cells of your body to carry out the desired activity "coded" by the frequency.  The patches may contain frequencies associated with good health, to "remind" your cells how the should be functioning, or a patch could contain frequencies that are toxic to an invader, or frequencies that may neutralize a toxin that is present within your body.  But how do we know which frequencies you need?  Let me introduce diagnostic Medical Bioresonance in the context of MME, a concept discussed in detail elsewhere on this site.  In MME, we apply a powerful static magnetic field, aiming to accelerate the rate at which electrons orbit the nucleus in the atoms of the internal organ or body region that we are treating.  By this means we speed up all useful biochemical activity within the cells.  The electrons, of course, are spinning on their own, and this action generates waves of energy (think of them as vibrations or sound waves) that radiate from the atom.  As the atomic configuration of each atom in the Periodic Table is different, each atom will radiate waves of different frequency, a characteristic frequency that we can call the atom's resonant frequency.  When two atoms get together to form a molecule, their frequencies merge to form a new resonant frequency (think of a chord in music).  Cells give off frequencies that are a blend of the frequencies given off of its contained molecules.  Organs, organ systems, and our human body give off frequencies, frequencies that can be recorded emanating from the human body.  This collection of frequencies is known as our etheric body.  These frequencies exist in digital form.  They can be captured from a digital picture of you (you need a five megapixel digital picture).  The frequencies emanating from your digital picture can be sorted out, categorized, and compared against a data base of the rest of the population, looking for anomalies and commonalities.  Certain patterns of vibrations are associated with health, and certain patterns with physiological dysfunction.  Please appreciated that we are not attempting to diagnose specific disease states; rather we are looking for physiologic abnormalities that can lead to disease states, signified by an anomalous pattern of emitted frequencies.  This approach, while initially difficult to accept, has dramatically improved the treatment outcomes of my patients.  The digital analysis not infrequently tips us off to a problem that was not picked up on our prior best testing.  Medical Bioresonance is not an FDA approved diagnostic or treatment modality, and likely never will be as these approaches cannot be patented.  However, the approach is non-invasive, essentially risk free (there are no drugs in the patch, only healthy frequencies - frequencies given off by man made drugs are not placed within the patches, as here we could produce a "homeopathic side-effect".

 Additional instructions

The patches are applied over the left side of your body, anywhere from the waist up (the left upper chest or left shoulder area works well).  The patches may be applied next to each other, but should not overlap.  Rotating the site of patch placement minimizes the likelihood of skin irritation.  The adhesive is not strong (to minimize skin irritation); covering the patches with paper tape will help keep them on.  The energy of the frequencies leaving a patch begins to fall off on the 4th day and is minimal by the 5th.  In most circumstances we ask you to remove an old patch at 3 days and replace it with a new patch of the same kind.  The patch begins to release energy as it is peeled off its backing.  There are 10 patches in each pack so each pack will provide you with a 30 day supply of patches.  It is OK to shower or exercise with the patches on.  If a patch falls off, you can re-apply it, using a band aid or paper tape as needed to keep it on.  When your patch supply is running low please replenish your supply; this is your responsibility.  Running out of patches and interrupting your program is not in your best interest.

The Bedtime sleep patch is placed in the evening, as you are getting ready to retire.  Remove the Bedtime patch in the morning, and place a new patch the next evening.  The 10 day program is designed to help you resynchronize your sleep cycle; from then on the Bedtime patch can be used as needed.  The Bedtime sleep patch can usually be recycled, again over a 3 day period; simply apply last night’s patch, using paper tape to keep it on.  The Male and Female Hormone patches, as well as the Longevity patch, will sometimes be used as one patch per week, worn over 3-4 days.  The Stress Less patch, after 1-2 months of daily use, may also be used on an as needed basis, with each patch lasting 3 days.  The H-GH4 is typically worn 1 patch/week over 4 days (RFSS is easy to remember and is how I will designate that a patch is to be worn 4 days a week only – MTW will designate that a given patch is to be worn only 3 days a week – however, you can pick the 4 or 3 days of the week that is easiest for you to remember). 

The Flu patch can be worn as needed for Flu symptoms; wear at least 3 patches, changing patches every 3 days.  The cards apply Bioresonance frequencies to food and beverages before you take them in; this process takes 20 seconds to be completed.    

For small children, placing the patch on the child’s back, covered with paper tape, works well, as they may try to pull it off if placed on their arms or trunk.  If you are wearing more than one type of patch, or if the patches are worn on a staggered schedule (e.g. Circulation every 3 days and H-GH4 RFSS) we suggest that you color code them with a felt marker.  Otherwise you might forget which patch is which.     

If two patches of the same type are applied, the overall effect is boosted by 25%.  In this situation one patch is worn on the left side and the 2nd patch of the same type on the right side of the body.  This is typically not necessary unless we are dealing with the early manifestations of the flu or another infectious problem. 

If a follow-up or interval digital picture analysis is needed, remove the patches you are currently wearing 20 minutes before the picture is taken, and make sure there are no patches in your pockets – if they are within 8 inches of your body the patch will affect the results.  Post-picture replace your current patches, using paper tape as needed to keep them on.

If skin irritation develops, and it’s not due to a tape you are using, the 1st step is to rotate the site of patch application.  Step 2 is to flip the patch over, shiny side down and adhesive side up, then secure the patch in place with paper tape (in other words, the patch can work up-side-down).  Step 3 is to construct some form of fabric bracelet (e.g. a thin tennis wrist band slit down the side), such that a thin layer of fabric is present between the patch and your skin 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Are there any side-effects?
No chemicals leave the patches, only energy, only a frequency signal, which is transmitted through the water within your body, and then sensed and responded to (like a submarine communicating with a surface ship).  The frequencies emitted by the patches are the frequencies found in healthy people (you before your current problem developed), frequencies reciprocal to that of micro-organisms that should not be in your body, or frequencies given off by natural substances that when taken orally have a long history of safe use.  Therefore, we feel that the side-effect potential of patch therapy is quite low.

The frequencies leaving the patches will not interfere with the drug and nutritional agents that you may currently be taking.  If we see an improvement in a physiologic value, such as blood pressure or blood sugar, while you are on patch therapy, we may wish to decrease the dose of a given medication, and this is something that you and I will need to watch for, but the effect will not be precipitous.  Herxheimer (sometimes called “die off”) reactions may occur when the frequencies given off by the patch interact with your immune system to engage in battle a micro-organism that should not be in your body.  Fever, chills, and sweats may occur, just as when your immune system is fighting an invader.  Most of the time these symptoms are mild and transient - rest up and drink plenty of fluids.  Rarely the die-off symptoms are pronounced, such that we will need to suspend or modify patch therapy.

From time to time my patients will experience fluctuations in their BP, blood sugar, or other physiologic parameters, sometimes related to stress, a change in diet, or a shift in the weather, and sometimes with no clear reason.  Should a mild change occur in a parameter that we are following, I encourage you not to “blame the patches” and simply stop them.  Our experience to date has shown us that the patches have not been the problem.  Having said that, there are no 100% safe measures, and if a problem develops see us for further evaluation.

2.  Will anything interfere with the patches?
The short answer is “no”.  We are dealing with sound waves.  Drugs, nutritionals, X-ray, metal detectors, and even radiation therapy will have no effect. 

3.  What is the shelf-life of the patches and can they be shipped?
The clock starts when the patch is peeled off its backing.  If left intact, the patch will retain its energy for one year.  The patches can be shipped; the only problem is with Fed-Ex scanners, which will adversely affect the patches.  Other scanners do not appear to be a problem.

4.  Is Bioresonance a “proven” therapy?
No, it is not, not if you mean has it been proven by a $20 million randomized, double-blind, multicenter study.  As Bioresonance patches are not drugs, are relatively inexpensive, and as the concept cannot be patent protected, there will never be money available to do such a study.  As such, the patches are not marketed as a treatment of disease; rather they are being used to help individuals harness their own energy to heal themselves (let me emphasize this point – it is your innate energy that is doing the heavy work).  The frequencies in the patches direct your innate energy to where it is most needed.  The efficacy of Bioresonance has been documented in its non-medical uses (e.g. decreasing toxicity of automobile emissions and increasing mpg, blunting EMF radiation from cell phones).  I have been in practice for 20 years and have brought many new approaches to NW Ohio, and I can tell you that Bioresonance is not only the most cost-effective, it is also the most effective approach to health that I have ever been associated with.  I am seeing it work.  Having said that, we know from experience that there are no therapies that will work in every person, every time, for all problems.  We will typically not use Bioresonance as a stand-alone approach, but rather we will add Bioresonance on to our prior best practices.  Bioresonance alone is not a magic bullet.  This is why it is a very important component in the BRAIN RETRAIN combination

8.  Is Bioresonance similar to Homeopathy?
Yes - think of Bioresonance as a marriage between Homeopathy, Digital Science, and Quantum Physics.  Currently your eyes are transducing frequencies of light energy into neural impulses, allowing my written words to enter your consciousness; you do the same with sound waves when you hear another’s voice.  In the paradigm of Homeopathy, it is felt that our entire physiology revolves around the transmission and reception of sound waves.  The position here is that when I give you a drug or a nutritional, the agent works not just by forming chemical bonds with molecules in your body, but instead by emitting a frequency (specific to the administered substance) that is received by molecules in your body, decoded, and translated into a physiologic action.  Homeopathic therapies are extreme dilutions of a therapeutic substance.  All that is left are the frequencies emitted by the substance that have been imprinted in water, which you take as drops under your tongue.  As frequencies are sound, Dr. Hunt developed a technology that allows the recording of healthy or therapeutic frequencies within a digital format, such that multiple frequencies can be imprinted into the Bioresonance patches that you wear.  Quantum science tells us that all chemical reactions involve a wave interaction.  The electrons and sub-atomic particles that revolve around the nucleus of an atom emit waves.  If we can block the waves, we can block chemical reactions.  Within certain patches are frequencies designed to block toxic chemical reactions in your body.  Thus a toxic substance or phenomena within your body can be neutralized or rendered inert.  Abnormal cells or infectious agents emit non-human frequencies.  Certain patches emit frequencies that neutralize these abnormal, non-healthy human frequencies. As atoms, molecules, cells, and organisms must exist in equilibrium with their frequencies, if we neutralize their frequencies, then we neutralize them.  Put a flu patch on the next time you are sick with the Flu and you’ll see what I mean.  The website of the late Jacques Benveniste MD (who I think will eventually receive the Nobel Prize for his work) contains a wealth of information on this topic. Also see

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