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A Library of informative writings and articles drawn from a variety of sources including the work of
Dr. Robert Melillo,
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson,
Dr. Stephen Krashen,
US Department of Education, CDC,
Dr. 'Z', et al.

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Dr. Rick Hunt Bio

Dr. Rick Hunt attended Kennesaw College and DeKalb University from 1972-1976 earning degrees in biology and optomological science. He then worked as a clinical investigator for the FDA at Emory University where he worked with the top Emory graduates in optomology and completed their in-house clinical studies for the new product, Extended Wear Contact Lenses. After the Extended Wear Contact Lenses were approved by the FDA for commercial sales, he opened his own eye clinic in Marietta, Georgia in 1980. By 1987 he built a very successful practice, which he sold and retired at the age of 35.

In 1989, after several close family members had died of cancer and his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Dr. Hunt became disillusioned with traditional medicine and he decided to explore alternative medicine. He investigated several methodologies and decided on homeopathy, the study of perforation energetic medicine. He attended the British Institute of Homeopathy and earned his doctorate in the highly respected and difficult doctorate in homeopathic medicine.

Dr. Hunt opened an alternative health and wellness clinic center in 1993 where he practiced to 1998. During this time, as he healed thousands of people, he also designed and compounded over 50 OTC homeopathic medications and herbal remedies. After clinically observing thousands of patients with degenerative diseases over a five-year period, Dr. Hunt became focused on the energetic signature of compounds, medicinal or otherwise, as being the software that effectively runs the body. He then entered the ultra modern field of energy application research and in 1999 he began modernizing the application of homeopathic medicines. He especially did so by invented a new type of energetic delivery system. His approach is non- toxic or synthetic. It is also non- invasive, because nothing physically enters the body except the healing energetic signatures placed into the body’s energy field, to be absorbed by the immune system for whatever healing the body requires. This approach restores the body to its own natural, safe and effective healing process.

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