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A Library of informative writings and articles drawn from a variety of sources including the work of
Dr. Robert Melillo,
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson,
Dr. Stephen Krashen,
US Department of Education, CDC,
Dr. 'Z', et al.

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How BrainRetrain Works

BRAIN RETRAIN with Trademarked Integrated Metronome Timing Technology (IMT)

The under-stimulated brain hemisphere needs stimulation. We get the kids and grown ups moving, get them physically active, get them to use the TV and computer in an interactive and stimulating manner. We improve any postural or structural imbalance. We stimulate the brain hemisphere. To do that we use brain hemisphere specific therapies related to, light, sound, smell, vibration and postural, balance and eye exercises. The two brain hemispheres must be balanced. The two halves of the brain - and the body - have to be trained to work together.

The BrainRetrain Metronome is a entertainment media - based approach to help children and adults with : * attention deficit hyperactive disorder * dyspraxi *language delays * motor challenges. The Metronome program is based on the principle that attention, coordination and timing difficulties are linked to developmental, behavioral and learning problems. The IMT helps improve motor planning, timing, rhythmic and sequencing capabilities through a structured training program of repetitive movements. The IMT enhances academic & learning achievement, ability to stay on task, problem solve, optimize already existing cognitive abilities as well as acquire & master new ones more easily. The Metronome activity produces a fixed rate beat (like the classic music metronome). The trainee starts clapping/tapping to this beat with hands, feet, or a combination of hands and feet, in time with a tone or sound (such as a hand clap) while listening to the Audio CD being read by Dom Deluise, or while interacting with the music video from the Brain Retrain. The goal is to hit the beat at the same time as the beat of the tone or sound. Within four to six weeks, major permanent changes in brain function, motor coordination and cognitive function can be achieved. Almost immediate benefits include: * Increased Attention and Focus * Improved Motor Skills of: Timing, Planning, Control, Sequencing, Coordination, Rhythm & Reduced Clumsiness * Improved Reading Fluency * Increased Language Processing * Enhanced Ability to Self Regulate Aggression & Impulsivity * Reduced Auditory Hypersensitivity. There are more than 1000 hospitals, clinics and schools countrywide offering a version Metronome training.

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