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A Library of informative writings and articles drawn from a variety of sources including the work of
Dr. Robert Melillo,
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson,
Dr. Stephen Krashen,
US Department of Education, CDC,
Dr. 'Z', et al.

DreamWeaver House Foundation
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Islip Terrace, New York 11752

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Dreamweavers Westchester
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Director: Rabbi Shlomo Kolt

  • Len Anthony Smith
    Executive Director
  • Karalee Harrigan
    Program Drector
  • Regina Santo
    Programs Manager
  • Bob Delgado
    Program Coordinator
  • Dr. James Carlson
    Do. Biochemist Medical Director
  • Dr. George Chen
    Pediatric Acupreassure
  • Dr. Rick Hunt Phd
    Pathogenic Researcher

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Mission Statement

FACT 1: According to the National Center for Disease Control, the incidence of Autism continues to rise unabatedly, now affecting one in every 90 children nationally, with as high as one in 43 in some areas of the country.

FACT 2: In the next 15 years, an estimated 500,000 autistic children will graduate out of school systems in the U.S. and into the unknown. Meaningful programs for them are scarce and funding even scarcer. "We're at the moment of truth to address the numbers of children aging into adulthood," says autism activist Linda Walder Fiddle. "Their lives are hanging over a cliff, and we must not let them fall." The obvious problem here is this course of action has no end point as it seeks no cure. By the time the child loses the healthy support of parents, or ages out of government funded programs, there is nothing to rely on for that child today, or including the over 500,000 expected within the next 15 years. What is the answer to both fact 1 and 2 and their extensions.

The extension to fact 1, - is that the 'mainstream' medical establishment is obviously failing miserably to correct this epidemic. With billions of research dollars mainly aimed at finding a cure with Drugs, and with current pharmaceuticals continuing to seemingly cause more harm than good, the CDC estimates that another generation of several scores of newer versions of these Drugs are about to be released (crashed into these children. – our emphasis). Our Western Medical Paradigm assumes that when the body is challenged by any ailment, it can best be corrected by finding a chemical (drug), to make it work, or to correct it surgically. The myth is that the human body is controlled primarily by chemistry. The fact is that the human body is controlled primarily by electronics (physics), not chemistry. This correct paradigm of medical care is borne out by the proven work of myriads of modern scientific Researchers, M.D.s Clinicians and Therapists throughout the country and across the world, successfully operating in near obscurity, overshadowed and oftentimes persecuted by mainstream medical boards. These practitioners of the accurate medical paradigm include Dr Jerry Tennant of Texas, Dr. Mark Starr of Arizona, Dr. Sauna Young of Colorado and Dr Nino Nina of Portugal. All of whom are aware of the work at Dreamweaver House.


One very effective and attainable answer is the fine tuning of The Islip based Dreamweaver House Center as a showcase prototype) and the subsequent replication nationally, of the program and mission of The Dreamweaver House Foundation, as:

Dreamweaver House Care
Dreamweaver House Care is the mixture of Informational Medicine and Integrative Medicine. Informational Medicine is an intelligent, non-invasive method using physical and non- physical energy to extract from and deliver information to a system, cell or being, with the purpose of restoring a natural equilibrium and optimal function at all levels of existence. Integrative Medicine combines non-invasive mainstream medical therapies and complementary and alternative medicines, for which there is some high quality scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness. Dreamweaver House, through continuous research in finding therapies of this medical paradigm and the implementation of those therapies, hopes to obtain or facilitate an improvement, reversal or cure to autism spectrum disorders and allied conditions.

Dreamweaver House Living
Dreamweaver House Living is the mission of Independent living in a safety net atmosphere, for children of autism, who have aged out of the family and government funded care system. This includes in one compound, housing, employment, medical care, jobs and recreation facilities. Housing a maximum of 10 residents it will be staffed with a nurse practitioner, housekeeper, fundraiser/jobs procurer, and therapist.

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