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A Library of informative writings and articles drawn from a variety of sources including the work of
Dr. Robert Melillo,
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson,
Dr. Stephen Krashen,
US Department of Education, CDC,
Dr. 'Z', et al.

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Baby Steps to Giant Improvements

Comments by different Caregivers after a few sessions

“Better eye contact, he is sleeping longer, now ties his shoes, less injurious behavior, much fewer meltdowns in lunchroom, people at school have noticed his improvement. Unsolicited by me the school bus driver who sees him all the time mentioned to me that she has noticed an improvement, he loves coming to DreamWeaver House- he skips in.”

“I’m so impressed-she can never sit still for this long, not even for a movie.” (She sat still for 45 minutes and didn't get up until session was over). She is falling asleep around 11 PM instead of the usual 1 AM”.

“He’s stopped biting the edge of his sleeve. His teacher said he’s more focused and he’s saying the words eat and cup.” (He was non-verbal). I'm so happy because he sat in the barber chair for the first time very still. The barber was amazed. He had blood taken the other day and he sat quietly, before he would have needed 3 people to keep him quiet. He was crawling on the floor the other day and when I told him to get up he did it all by himself, he’s never done that before.”

He said, ‘bathroom’ during the session and mom said, “Do you have to go to the bathroom?” He answered ‘yes’.(This was important because he is still not completely toilet trained. But now, he’s having fewer accidents.) . He is playing with a Leapster toy that he’s had for years and couldn't play with in the past. It has a stylus and he now uses it appropriately.”

“He’s starting to put a few words together, like, he'll say ‘I want Mommy’ and then he'll take my hand and show me what he wants. I walked into his class the other day and he looked up at me and said ‘Mommy’, in recognition. He never says the word Mommy alone.”

“His teachers are really pleased with his progress, they say he’s more focused. He was totally relaxed at the dentist the other day, and he was being drilled! I always say, ‘cut it out’. His teachers told me some kids were misbehaving the other day and he told them to ‘cut it out’. His teachers were so excited that he put three words together.”

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